A hundred of everything and yet…

What have we not uncovered or invented yet?

Languages to articulate every inflection of thought.

Art to house every creative instinct.

Music that whispers to every open heart.

Technology that connects, careless of distances.

Gadgets and devices numberless, artificial tentacles that reaches out to yonder, yonder that is just outside our little selves.

A hundred of these we have had, another hundred we shall have and yet…what loneliness!

We have tried, oh yes we have tried to fill it up.

Every act of man has been to fill this hollowness, an incessant labor that fills all spaces but the one within.

Relationships, the hellos, the embraces, the songs and the longing, everything to fill the same hollowness.

And what do we have but facebooks, flickrs, albums, google, blackberrys and everything else.

What do we know, dwarves of men that we are!

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