A good year

2007 has been an interesting year to me.

From a professional perspective its been fantastic. I grew up to own the product that I started in as a developer, was involved in discussions with potential buyers for the product(!), transitioned team to the new company, envisioned and got stakeholder approval for new product offerring, was extensively involved in pre-sales efforts and played a crucial role in winning a multi-million dollar deal, with much much more in the pipeline. All this while keeping the existing products running and our customers happy.

Of course its not been all good. We lost a couple of people from the team. The culture change is more significant than I expected it to be, still navigating the waters with some caution! I have barely had a life – have dissapointed the ones I love immensely.

On the blog front I have been relatively better than what I used to be this year. I have been following blogging, specifically Dave Winer/Userland, for a long time. Its been very exciting to see the uptake in blogging, community driven applications/content and the social media space.

In the spirit of introspection I have created a timeline of the blog posts I have authored this year.


I used Simile-Timeline JavaScript to visualize the blog posts against time.

I hope the new year is as interesting as this one. Or will have to catch it by the scruff and make it so! Damn work-life balance! 🙂

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