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India’s National Anthem Rings Out From Kenya and USA’s From France!

The thing that hooked me in was the Indian National anthem being sung by Kenyans.

Or the French singing the anthem of the Americans.

Pangea, is the name of the project that aims to use film to promote unity. A powerful concept that rides upon the ubiquity of the internet and the visual media.

I should say my national anthem gives me goose pimples, even when sung by a different race/culture/people.

Beneath all the variations of skin, language, cultures and every other distinctness that makes us look upon another as different, there is an unity that binds us all. A variety of means exist to see this unity. Music, painting, poetry, the world of ideas and now increasingly, for the last 60-70 years, the world of films.

Watch it. In 3-4 minutes a considerable amount of prejudice can be washed away. Tags: , , , ,