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Shakespeare in a River Of Tweets

The weekend was dull. Amongst the teeming conversations in the blogosphere nothing made me pause. It was the same thing over and over. Yahoo this, Google that, Microsoft sucks and so on. Sometimes reality resembles a junkyard. Debris in various stages of preparation.

Me needed a little poetry. And all I had in hand was the blackberry. I checked twitter on GTalk and it was shorter versions of the same debris.

Thats when I realised, on GTalk there is no option to watch the public feed. Not always of course, but just to take a peek now and then.

I wanted something with sap. Something that made the barrenness inside a little moist. On a whim I tracked the word eternal. It was my digital ear to the ground listening to a single word.

All was silent the whole of yesterday. And today it arrived, without context, a lofty arrangement of words..

Would be eternal in our triumph: go

I obviously wondered who would have crafted this! It did have the rhythm of a master poet, but not being familiar with the particular work I was not too sure. And then I saw who had sent the tweet. Billionmonkeys was the user. A whois revealed the following

…typing out the complete works of shakespeare

I started following the user. And what delight. I don’t read every tweet. Don’t have the time to read enough to get the drift of the plot. I take a handful from the river of tweets that passes by and drink every refreshing gulp. I did stop to think why this user would do it. But then thought why the hell bother. One does not question the motive of a blooming flower.

One understands the depth of a Master poet. Every sentence is crafted! Every sentence even without the scaffolding of a plot stands as a monument!

All I could remember was the phrase “accelerated serendipity” that I had come across in this blog post. The phrase itself is supposed to be by Tara Hunt.

Life is not structured. The greatest impact is left behind by that which was not anticipated. The web 2.0 type apps in aggregating the many seem to bring together the un-anticipated. In doing so make the process of “happy discovery” easier.

Oh, I need to thank Billionmonkeys and twitter for making this happen.

India’s National Anthem Rings Out From Kenya and USA’s From France!

The thing that hooked me in was the Indian National anthem being sung by Kenyans.

Or the French singing the anthem of the Americans.

Pangea, is the name of the project that aims to use film to promote unity. A powerful concept that rides upon the ubiquity of the internet and the visual media.

I should say my national anthem gives me goose pimples, even when sung by a different race/culture/people.

Beneath all the variations of skin, language, cultures and every other distinctness that makes us look upon another as different, there is an unity that binds us all. A variety of means exist to see this unity. Music, painting, poetry, the world of ideas and now increasingly, for the last 60-70 years, the world of films.

Watch it. In 3-4 minutes a considerable amount of prejudice can be washed away. Tags: , , , ,

A Callous Society

Today I happened to go to CMH Road in Bangalore on my way to work. I observed something was not quite right. It was this way since the explosion of commerial establishments on the previously quite road.

But I could not quite pin it down for more than a few moments. Then it struck me, the trees were all gone. I counted at least 15 of them and I covered only 30% of the road.

To be honest this was not Fangorn forest. This was a small set of trees on either side of the road covering almost 60-70% of the road. The stretch that covered Ulsoor was mostly bare.

I believe this is to ensure the metro rail can pass through this road. I am sure the rail project will alleviate, or at least attempt to alleviate, the strain on the road traffic. But there could have been a holistic attempt at re-homing the trees. Perhpas the cost of doing this could have included within the project estimation. Or corporate sponsors could have been roped in. Bottom line there are simply too many options available nowadays to ensure we protect what is left of Bangalore’s foilage.

A race that once proclaimed “Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmam”, ‘All that exists is the Brahman/Supreme Consciousness/Divine’, now barely pauses before ripping apart the roots of its own future prosperity.

A callous society does not realise hindsight will not be enough to save it from ruin. The Ents shall have their revenge. Tags: , , , , , , ,