Archives for February 2006

In the beginning was Word 2003

To elaborate on the work that I do- I manage a small offshore development team of 11 for a equity research authoring tool.
We leverage the Smart Documents feature of Word 2003 extensively. This allows us to mark specific content fragments within the document with XML tags, thus allowing validations to be performed, to display content specific UI on the Word Task Pane, display SmartTags that suggest context specific actions and so on.

My first task when I joined the team was to play a technology role, primarily to design and implement a feature that we call compilations. Easiest way to think of this feature is to remember ETL, as in Extract Transform Load of Warehousing data. We extract content from source documents authored with our tool, perform some transformations and load them onto a new target document.

In developing this feature I have learnt a lot of technical and non-technical aspects involved in designing, implementing and maintaining a product feature. Over the next few blog entries I hope to start off with the concrete technical topics and then move onto the more abstract management related areas.

Topic of my technical posts will be on WordML and how it can be leveraged to create documents that hold structured xml tagged content.

Hello World

This is one of my numerous attempts to register my existence in the blogging world. My earlier blog at DotnetJunkies has not been in use due to neglect, laziness, apathy and absolute lack of time from my side.

I wear more than a couple of hats in my day job at the software development center of a financial services consulting company at their Bangalore, India office. My technology focus is predominantly on the Microsoft platform but otherwise am curious about Java, Python, Enterprise architectures and other assorted topics.

On the non-technology side I am passionate about poetry, philosophy, novels that have an introspective bent, movies and anything that is beautiful and reflects in whatever measure the joy of existence.